Book of the Month – September 2020

Anglo-Saxon England – Frank M Stenton

If you only ever buy one book on Anglo Saxon history, then in my opinion, this should be the one. First published in 1943 it has stood the test of time and is often quoted by modern day authors. It is without doubt the best reference book I have found on the subject.

Quote from the fly leaf of the book: -

“This book covers the emergence of the earliest English kingdoms to the establishment of the Anglo-Norman monarchy in 1087. Professor Stenton examines the development of English society, from the growth of royal power to the establishment of feudalism after the Norman Conquest, He also describes the chief phases in the history of the Anglo Saxon church, including the Conversion of the various English kingdoms, and the unification of Britain begun by the kings of Mercia and completed by the kings of Wessex. Drawing on many diverse examples - place-names, coins and charters, wills and pleas, archaeology, and the laws of the Anglo Saxons, the result is a fascinating insight into this period of English history.”

Why not buy it and use it as your “bible” when you are compiling your next “Historical Paper” during the dark nights of Autumn and Winter this year. I look forward to hearing the results of your labours when we eventually meet again.

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A J Allan
10th September 2020