Deputy PGM's blog - February 2019

For those members who are unaware, it with extreme sadness that I have to inform you that W & Em Bro Paul Cammiss passed to the Grand Court above on Monday 18th February, as a result of injuries sustained in a fall. He was a member of the Court of King Raedwald No 41. He will be sadly missed by family and friends, to whom we send condolences at this sad time.

When I was appointed by the Grand Master to the role of DPGM in Charge of the Province on 9th January it was clear that I would need to hit the ground running! I have to say that, since then, I have been warmly received wherever I have gone within the Province, and that is much appreciated. Heads of other Orders have also been extremely supportive.

Recently, I called a Provincial Executive Committee Meeting so that we as a team could understand where we are today and what we feel needs to be done for the future of the Province. The key issues to be addressed were:-

  • Date and venue of Provincial Grand Court Meeting 2019
  • Support for new and existing Court Secretaries
  • Guidance for Marshals regarding issues relating to meetings
  • Improved communication with the members
  • Recruitment and development of the Order within the Province
  • Research Papers

Taking each point in turn:-

  • Provincial Grand Court will meet at Ashlar House, Bury St Edmunds, on 28th September 2019
  • The Provincial Grand Secretary will contact all Court Secretaries with a view to standardising procedures in line with Grand Court statutes. To this end he will produce a Provincial Booklet outlining the duties and responsibilities of a Court Secretary
  • The DPGM will compile a “Handbook for the Guidance of Court Marshals”, based on past experiences.
  • To assist with communication the East Anglian website was launched thanks to RW&Em Bro Chris Ansell. The content as you can tell at present is limited, but will be augmented as time goes on to include a “Members only” area for private information, such as MEM forms, Toast Lists, etc. Perhaps we can also include a “Study Circle”, if there is sufficient interest.
  • In addition to the Provincial website to assist in recruitment a trifold booklet has been produced that can be given to prospective new “Instructees”, to give them general information about the Order. Copies can be obtained from myself.
  • As it is requirement of our statutes that a “Short Paper of Masonic interest” must be delivered at a Court’s installation meeting, all members should be encouraged to do so. Five minutes is fine.
    It is my intention to give regular updates in the future, regarding meetings, events, etc., that are going on in the Province.

Brethren it is clear that this Province, the Primus Province of the Order, has much potential for the future. We have a real opportunity to develop this Province, for the benefit of all present and future members, and I look forward to discussing any suggestions, ideas, issues or concerns that you may have when I visit your Court in the near future.

Yours sincerely and fraternally

Alex Allan