Deputy PGM's blog - May 2019

Much has happened since my first Blog in February, not least of which was receiving a communication on the 8th April, from the Grand Secretary announcing that the Grand Master M W Bro Paul Weldon Johnston, had appointed me as Provincial Grand Master – designate, for the Province of East Anglia. Without doubt it is the greatest honour in my Masonic Career.

It is anticipated that my Investiture will take place at our Provincial Meeting on the 28th September at Bury St Edmunds.

Another exciting event took place on 30th April in Leicester when W Bro Basil Calaby; W Bro Gordon Easton; W Bro Danny Ellis; W Bro Dan Heath; W Bro Paul Lewis; & W Bro Eddie Moore were all admitted to the grade of Knight (KSM) in the Appendant Order of the Scarlet Mantle. Well done to them all.

I was fortunate enough to be promoted to the grade of Knight Commander (KCSM).

The Province of East Anglia was very well represented at the meeting with 13 members of the Province dining afterwards, whom I would like to thank for all their support.

After all the Grades in the Order had been worked the Grand Master outlined the transformation of the Appendant Order of the Scarlet Mantle, to The Ancient Masonic Order of Alfred the Great. For more information there is an article on the Website of the Order.

Court Secretaries should have already shared this information with their members.

Hearty congratulation to Sir Kt and RWBro Dr Chris Ansell who was confirmed and installed as the first Grand High Chancellor of the newly titled Order, continuing the role he held in the Scarlet Mantle. Chris was the first “Instructee” in the Province of East Anglia on the 22nd October 2005 and a Founder Member of the Court of Ælfred No 2, the Primus Court of the Order.

In my first Blog I outlined the steps that your Provincial Executive were taking to improve the administration and communication for all the members of the Province. To this end the East Anglia Provincial Website has been set up and is now operational with a log in “Members only” area. Please register as soon as possible to get the best out of this service which is for you. The old adage is “use it, or lose it”.

In the “Members only” area you will find the 1st edition of the East Anglia Provincial Yearbook which you can download, as well as a Handbook for the Guidance of Court Marshals, both of which I recommend to your attention. Other important documents will follow in due course, which will be of particular use to Court Secretaries.

The Provincial trifold booklet has been updated and I will supply copies through your Court Secretary when requested. This is a very useful tool to give to prospective “Instructees”.

I highlighted in my last Blog, that it is requirement of our statutes that a “Short Paper of Masonic interest” must be delivered at a Court’s installation meeting, all members should be encouraged to do so. Five minutes is fine. I trust that many of you are considering this and I look forward to hearing some Original papers at the forthcoming Installation meetings.

Since our last Provincial meeting we have had 6 new “Instructees” across the Province, with another 6 in the near future, 2 in the Court of Herbert de Losigna at Kings Lynn on the 18th May and 4 (by Provincial Dispensation) in the Court of Ælfred No2 at Newmarket on the 15th June. Please invite yourself along and support these Courts.

As stated previously, it is clear that this Province, the Primus Province of the Order, has much potential for the future. We have a real opportunity to develop this Province, for the benefit of all present and future members, and I look forward to discussing any suggestions, ideas, issues, or concerns that you may have when I visit your Court in the near future.

 Yours sincerely and fraternally

Alex Allan